Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Reunion

Yesterday most of my dad's side of the family came over to our house and we had dinner and played games. It was really fun and really nice to see all of my family because we don't see them a lot. Today we are going to Lagoon. I am really excited because the last time I went to Lagoon I couldn't go on the big kid rides. It was sad but I can go on as many big kid rides as I want this time. I WILL BE FUN!
                                                            (sorry, I don't have any pictures.)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My crazy mom

My mother life dream was to be in a Flash Mob and last Tuesday her dream came true. She got to dance in a flash mob for Oreo 100th anniversary. My dad recorded it and it was so fun to watch her. Me and my little sister would help her practice the dance and there is a part where they get to eat an Oreo or something and when she was practicing she would always forget that part. So I would always say "Mom, did you eat it." And she would say "Shoot, I forgot again." But in the real thing she didn't forget. That is good, right! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Family

(These cousins don't live in Idaho but they are also staying at the hotel.)
My family is going to Idaho today to see my cousins. I am so excited. All of our cousins and my siblings are really close to each other. And even better my family gets to stay in a hotel and we are going to have all our cousins come and go swimming. The hotel just might hate us. HAHA!
I don't have pictures of my cousins that do live in Idaho but that's okay.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I love to dance. Guess what is so awesome, my school has a dance class that we can take during school but it is an only 1 semester thing. But it was really fun. And I have after school dance classes on Thursdays. It is really fun, what makes it even funner is that I am on toe shoes. It is hard,frustrating, it hurts, but it is really fun.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Back (yeah, you better be scared)

I am back to my blogging days. So not much has happened to me but my birthday is soon and I am going to ask my mom for a camera so I take pictures of all of 2012. (just to tell you this is the picture that we took the day that we cam home from Bear Lake, so I look a little sun burned.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

So much has happened

Okay, so I started middle school and I was so scared at first. Then I got in a group called Mesa(a club for geeks, I guess I'm a geek). Then I got in S.B.O (for all those lame people that don't know what S.B.O is, it stands for Student Body Officer.). Then at school I have dance for one of my classes (and just so you know I am crazy about dance) and I have choir for a class (also crazy about singing.)Then since I'm super smart I have 8th grade honors math and honors English. Then I got panther of the quarter (our school mascot is a Panther). Then Shawntell and I start toe shoes in December and yesterday I went and saw Breaking Dawn part 1. It was so good. Now I can't wait to see part 2. My life has been pretty good so far.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Already

OK the summer has gone by way too fast. In just a few weeks I will be starting school and I will have no more freedom. August just comes on too fast. June and July are just fine and all but then when we get to August kids start freaking out cause they don't want to go to school (I am one of those kids.) So just a friendly reminder spend your summer days carefully because soon you'll realize that its the day before the first day of school and you got nothing for your kids. No new cloths or backpack. Big woops.